1.       There are no dormitories for families or couples. The Housing Service Division, Office of Student Affairs, takes charge of the student dormitory allocation and management.

2.       For some dorms with air conditioning, students are responsible for air-conditioner electricity expenses.


University Dormitory


Accommodation Fee


Room Type
University Dorms
for Undergraduates

Male: NT$8,500~NT$9,446/per semester;

Summer and Winter: NT$3,390~ NT$5,547

Female: NT$6,000~NT$8,227/per semester;

Summer and Winter: NT$3,480~ NT$4,816

( Includes NT$200 Internet Fee)

3 or 4 people
University Dorms
for Graduates

Male: NT$7,021~NT$9,873/per semester;

Summer and Winter: NT$ 4,167~ NT$6,075

Female: NT$7,021~NT$8,277;

Summer and Winter: 4,167~4,816

( Includes NT$200 Internet Fee)

3 people


House- Prince Hall

(with air conditioning)

Single: NT$6,700/per month

Double: NT$4,000/per month

1 person/

2 people

※The exchange rate of US$ and NT$ is approximately 1:30.

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Other Accommodation: Accommodations nearby NCKU can be easily found. There are living spaces for rent that are priced from NT$4,000 to NT$8,000 per month. You can make personal inquiries for more detailed information about renting your own living space.