Tainan City, TAIWAN

Tainan City, TAIWAN - Where NCKU Is Located






Tainan, TAIWAN- Where NCKU Is Located

Tainan City was formerly a provincial city, and in 2010, it merged with the adjacent Tainan County to form a single special municipalityand became one of the five capital cities in Taiwan.

Once called “Fucheng(府城)”, Tainan was the capital and administrative center of Taiwan from 1624 to 1887. After being governed by the Dutch, the Ming Dynasty, Koxinga(Cheng Kung Cheng), and the Qing Dynasty, the Japanese established Tainan Prefecture and built Tainan Prefectural Hall (now the National Museum of Taiwan Literature). Further, they introduced European urban design concepts and built roads resembling rays emanating from a central point, linking the people of the city.

Tainan is a place where East and West complement each other. It has a large number of cultural relics from the period of Dutch rule, the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, and the Japanese occupation era and has more national historic sites, historic buildings, and archeological sites than any other city in Taiwan. In terms of ecology, the mouth of the Zengwen River Estuary and the Si-cao Wetlands are internationally recognized nature reserves. As a result, Tainan is an ideal place to get to know Taiwan’s history, culture, and ecology.

On both the old and new streets of 21st century Tainan, you will find people who are warm and friendly, snacks that the locals are proud of, and see that although the city is now a mix of old and new , its splendor remains unchanged.


Located in Culturally Rich Tainan City with Advanced Technology

NCKU is a key university in Taiwan, particularly for Southern Taiwan

NCKU is located in Tainan City, which boasts the largest number and highest density of national relics in Taiwan. This historical heritage is the pride of Tainan City and represents rich cultural resources for NCKU students. The nearby Si-Cao wetland is one of the best preserved ecological parks in Asia. 

Furthermore, the many technological sectors in the Southern Taiwan Science Park offer students at NCKU a stage to apply what they have learned. Links among NCKU, the Southern Taiwan Science Park and the nearby Kaohsiung Science Park are comparable to those between Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, and Silicon Valley.