Admission Enrollment

Admission & Enrollment

Admission Roster Announcement


1.     The admission roster will be approved by the International Student Admissions Committee of National Cheng Kung University according to the recommendation of the individual departments or institutes.

2.     Admission results will be posted online at or



3.     Admission Announcement Dates:

(1)    For Fall Semester: May 20

(2)    For Spring Semester : November 20

4.     Admission letters will be mailed to students individually. Admission letters will be mailed on:

(1)    For Fall Semester: June 15

(2)    For Spring Semester :December 1


Registration and Enrollment  

1.     All admitted students should register with the relevant offices by the designated time, following administration procedures. The required documents will be stated and detailed online (see Admissions Bulletin, Admission information for international students) . Failure to complete the registration procedure will be considered as forfeiting acceptance.

2.     Important documents needed for registration:* More details will be stated online (see Admissions Bulletin, Admission information for international students).


(1)    Passport and Visa

(2)    The highest degree diploma, verified with official stamps by the R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or missions abroad or by other notary institutes authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. (This document will be returned after being examined and filed). If the diploma is not in Chinese or English, a notarized copy of a translation in English or Chinese is required; if the degree diploma is notarized from a university in Taiwan, it does not have to be verified.


1.     The University has the right to withdraw admission from any applicant who is found to have made a violation or illegal action during the admission process.

2.     Should the documents submitted be found to be forged, fraudulent, altered, etc., the student’s admission or student status will be immediately revoked. Should the violation be found after the completion of his/her study, the University reserves the right to revoke his/her degree certificate.

3.     For applicants whose high school graduating level is only equivalent to Taiwan's high school second grade, once admitted, at least 12 credits at NCKU in addition to each department's credit requirement are required before graduation.