Admission Roster of Accepted International Degree Students of Fall 2016

2016 Fall Admission (Accepted List)

2016 Fall Admission (Waiting List)


The information of admission students are stated as follows:

1. If the results on the website differ from those on the Admission Notice, the admission letter takes precedence. The scholarship result will be announced in the admission letter.

2. Our office will send the email to the applicants (include scholarship) after May 20. Applicants also can login our application website to check.

     And the official admission letter will be sent out on June 15 by register mail. (The air mail takes 10-15 days delivery , local mail takes 2-3 days delivery)

3. Please go online ( do the following matters.

(1) Applicants must confirm with your mailing address before May 30 for assuring your admission letter receiving.

(2) Accepted students should reply Notification of Acceptance and something related before June 30 for assuring your student status at NCKU.

4. Official admission letter will be sent out on June 15. (air mail delivery takes 10-15 working days, local mail delivery takes 2-3 working days) If you do not receive the letter by August 10 , please email to*the info in the email must be included the full name [surname, given name], application number, the birth date [yyyy/mm/dd], the mailing address and the contact phone number).

5. For applicants who have applied and been admitted to 2 departments or institutes, please go online system to confirm your decision before May 30. We will process your admission letter when our office receives your decision. Once your decision is made, it cannot be changed, so please notice it. Besides, if we do not receive your email for decision, the admission letter will not be sent. (Email:

6. Candidates on the waiting list will be individually contacted by the university around the early of July, 2016, if vacancies are available and in accordance with their position on the waiting list.


                     ※ 395 students have been accepted (Bachelor: 112, Master: 211, Ph.D.: 72)

                     ※Acceptance Rate: 56.59(Bachelor: 50.91, Master 55.09%; Ph.D. 75.79%)