Application Procedure


Application Procedure

NCKU welcomes applications from qualified individuals from all over the world. Please visit for admission details and contact information. For a step-by-step guide to the application procedure for admissions, please see the instructions below:


Step 1: Please make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.

Please refer to "Applicant's Eligibility"

 Step 2 Check that the departments/institutes and the programs you intend to apply for are open to international students.  

Please refer to “Current Programs”

 Step 3: Prepare all required documents.

Please refer both to "Application Requirements- Required Documents" and "Current Programs- Admission Requirements of Dept./ Inst.

Step 4 Check if the intended departments/institutes require additional documents, interviews and/or tests. Interview details and schedules will be announced.

Step 5: Complete the application online before the deadline. 

General degree & Dual degred student via



●      Register for only ONE account (please use your Email address as your username )  on the admission website “NCKU International Students Admission System”

●      Log in and complete the online application to receive the application serial number.

●      Pay the application fee 

●      Upload all supporting documents/files (PDF Files only).

●      To facilitate recommendation letters, we provide an online recommendation system. Please follow the online instructions step by step.