NCKU x Cathay United Bank International Master Scholarship Program

Departmental Requirements

1. ONLY international students with nationalities from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar(Myanmar), Lao People's Democratic Republic(Laos), Kingdom of Cambodia(Cambodia), and Socialist Republic of Vietnam(Vietnam) are eligible to apply this program.
2. Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd offers full scholarships to international students in National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. The scholarship covers:
● Air ticket: (1) Provide a one-way economy class flight ticket from home country to Taiwan. (2) Provide a one-way economy class flight ticket from Taiwan back to home countries after students complete the master’s degree program successfully. (3) International travel insurance is NOT covered.
● Monthly living allowances
● Tuition fees and Credit fees
● Living accommodation arrangement
● Student safety insurance fee
● National Health Insurance fee
● Visa application fees
● Chinese preparatory courses
3. Internship opportunity: After finishing the first-year program at NCKU, students should take the internship program at Cathay United Bank.
4. Student's responsibility: After completing this program, students must work for Cathay United Bank/Cathay Financial Holdings unless the companies decide not to enter into employment with the students. Those students will become an employee of the Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. local branches in home countries and the minimum term of the employment contract is 3 years.
※Please check the IB website: for further information.