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Graduation Requirements

In order for graduation, students registered in the PhD program should complete the following requirements:

PART A: Course requirement

1.Successfully complete the required minimum credits including professional courses (18 credits) and the PhD dissertation (12 credits)

2.Present his/her research work at an international conference.

3.Present his/her PhD dissertation in English prior to oral examination (i.e., degree test), and the presentation needs to be satisfactorily approved by his/her thesis supervisor.

4.When submit his/her application for the degree test (oral examination), students should present their proficiency in English which must be equivalent to or better than TOEFL-IBT 72/TOEIC 785. The certificate on TOEFL test issued at a time more than 2 years before registering the program is not allowed. Equivalently, the students may present their proficiency in English by providing with the GEPT test result, which should be at the high-intermediate level or higher. The English proficiency certificate is not required for students whom are from an English-speaking country.

PART B: Publication requirement

At least two first-author publications that related his /her PhD thesis should be accepted to appear in the SCI/EI/SSCI indexed journals. One publication should appear in journals ranked <50% in the selected subject category. A letter indicating acceptance of the manuscript is acceptable, but the manuscript should be published on-line or in print prior to the time of graduation. The departmental monthly meeting will also evaluate whether those articles not published in the SCI/EI/SSCI indexed journals can still fulfill the publication requirement.

PART C: Degree test requirement

A PhD student who has successfully completed the PhD qualification examination, all course requirements, and dissertation specified by the department may submit his/her application for the degree test (oral examination) by the last year of the PhD program. The thesis committee has to decide whether the application can get approval. Members of the thesis committee should be reported by the thesis supervisor to the departmental monthly meeting, and the thesis supervisor may not serve as the committee Chair.

Credit Requirements

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