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Graduation Requirements

1. PhD students have a time limit on study of two years and can be extended to at most seven years.

2. Students are required to complete all the course credits within four years including:
1) Students should take up to at least 18 credits (excluding seminar and 12 dissertation credits), and 1/3 of them must be the courses from the college of planning and design(CPD).
2) Students should have taken the following six undergraduate courses before including: product design (1 or 2), industrial design (1 or 2), design method, human factors, materials and manufacturing process, and form design. Students who did not take those courses before are required to take them within four years, while the undergraduate credits are not included in the minimum credits for graduation.

3. PhD Candidacy:
1) Meet at least one language ability certificate.
2) Present two papers in international conferences.
3) Pass the postgraduate proposal examination.

4. After the passing of the postgraduate proposal examination for three months, students can apply the PhD degree oral defense when they complete four academic achievement points listed below.
1) One point: publishing a paper in TSSCI, THCI, or EI journal. Or publishing articles in international magazines. Or publishing a paper in journal published by CPD and its departments (limit one point). Or getting an International refereed patent certificate or domestic refereed invention patent certificate associated with NCKU.
2) Two points: awardees of a well-known international design competition.
3) Three points: publishing a book recognized by Ministry of Science and Technology, or publishing a paper in SCIE / SSCI / A&HCI journal.
4) Four points: publishing a paper in SCIE / SSCI / A&HCI journal which ranks as Q1 quartile in any subject category.

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