Admission List of International Degree Students of (2nd phase) Spring 2022

2022 Spring Admission (1st phase) List of International Degree Students

Information for admission students is stated as follow:

1. If the results on the website differ from those on the Admission Letter, the admission letter takes precedence. The scholarship result will be announced in the admission letter.


2. Applicants can also login our application website or click the title above to see the list of admissions. Hard copies of official admission letter will be sent out expected on December 24 2021 by register mail. (Air mail takes 10-15 days, local mail takes 2-3 days). The admission letter may be restricted from mailing to some countries due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please download the pdf admission letter through NCKU application website.


3. Please go to our admission website ( to check:

   (1) Applicants must confirm with your mailing address before December 23 2021.

   (2) Students who are accepted and on the waiting list must reply Notification of Acceptance before December 23 2021 to assure your student status at NCKU. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, your response of admission is required before December 23 2021. Information provided will be forwarded to Taiwan National Immigration Agency for Taiwan entry restriction. If you do not reply the Notification of Acceptance before December 23 2021, it shall be regarded as abandonment of admission.


4. For applicants who have admitted to 2 departments or institutes, please go to our admission website to confirm your decision before December 23 2021. We will process your admission letter after your decision is submitted. Please note that no change is possible once your decision has been made.




※  Students have been accepted (Master: 5, Ph.D: 2)

※ Acceptance Rate: 8.14% (Master 9.26%; Ph.D 6.25%)