Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD) is recruiting international students NOW!


Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD)

The Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD) is an international, interdisciplinary English program which can be taken alongside any full degree program at NCKU. This Certificate Program allows students to distinguish themselves by supplementing their degree with a specialization in sustainability. CPSD spans across different departments at NCKU and works to connect researchers and students from different fields of research in order to encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary discussion. The program is open to all degree students at NCKU, and focuses on addressing real world issues related to sustainability.

NCKU strives to better serve the Asia-Pacific community with its competitive and practical research achievements. This program plays an important role in aggressively bringing in expert academic and scientific innovations and ideas into existing disciplines, especially in the fields of Health Sciences, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Urban Planning, Political Economy, and Life Sciences. NCKU hopes to utilize the resources and opportunities the university has to engage in cooperative projects and research that will in turn help create a more sustainable future.

The Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD) aims to:

1. Enable students from all disciplines to understand theories in sustainable development and acquire the skills necessary to apply their knowledge in the real world.
2. Bring about enhanced innovation of theories in sustainable development and creation of new research frontiers by learning from the significant issues that have developed around the world.


Credit Requirements for the Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD)

This program requires students to fulfil a total of 15 credits. To learn more about the program and courses, visit the CPSD website here: http://cpi.acad.ncku.edu.tw/cpi/index.php?c=course&m=detail&no=48


How to Apply

As a reminder, CPSD is not a full Degree Program, but only a Certificate Program offered to students at NCKU as an addition to their official Degree Program.


Apply Here:


Step 1. 

Use student ID to sign in to the website provided

Step 2. 

Open the list of program choices

Step 3.

Choose the CPSD program

Step 4.