General Questions

  • Do I need to know Chinese to apply?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    There are PhD programs taught fully in English: Department of Civil Engineering (Masters program), Inst of International Management (also known as IIMBA, Masters and PhD), and Inst. of Creative Industry Design (Masters and PhD).

    Most undergraduate courses are are taught in Chinese, course materials could be Chinese or English depending on the professor's choice. Therefore, students are expected to have adequate level of Chinese.

    Besides the full English programs mentioned above, most classes in postgraduate programs are also taught in Chinese, with some taught in English, therefore, students should have sufficient Chinese language abilities in order to achieve good academic performance.

  • Is there any application fee?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Each applicant will be charged NT$1,600 / US$60 (this will cover the postage costs for the Acceptance/ Non-acceptance letter).

    Each applicant pay the application fee (NT$1,600 / US$60 ) can apply for 2 departments.

    We will process each application after we receive payment of the application fee.

    It cannot refund the application fees.

  • What are the payment options?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    There is only one option to pay the application fee when applying at NCKU. As you start your application at NCKU admission webpage, you are given an account number with all wire information you need in order to process the fee payment. We don’t accept payment through credit card or any other form of payment.

  • Can I transfer to NCKU if I have already studying at other universities in Taiwan?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    There are two ways, join the transferring examination (very few international students choose to do this), or apply again in the same way as new international students.

    1. Join the transferring examination (only undergraduate), you can apply for this in May each year, for more information, please go to the website of the Registrar Division (http://reg.acad.ncku.edu.tw/bin/home.php).
    1. Apply again as new international student: you can apply in the same way as a new international student, once accepted, you should start from the first year, but you can transfer credits according to each department/institute's regulations (please to contact the department/institute for the rules and details of transferring credits).

  • Is interview required for NCKU prospective students?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Expect for some specific departments such as college medicine, no interview is required for NCKU incoming students. Students will be informed about the interviews by the departments they have applied for. The interview will be conducted through audio calls via the Internet.

Admission Eligibility

  • How do students from Hong Kong or Macau apply for NCKU?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Applicants who hold Hong Kong or Macau citizenships are not eligible for applying for NCKU as international students.

    Hong Kong and Macau students' admission to universities in Taiwan must abide by the "香港澳門居民來臺就學辦法" (Regulartions for Hong Kong and Macau Citizens to Apply to Study in Taiwan) by the Ministry of Education.

    Students must take the 'Overseas Joint College Entrance Exam’. The exam will be held in May every year. For details please contact the 'University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student:http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/


  • I am a student from a foreign country, and my father is originally from Taiwan, can I apply to NCKU as an international student? 

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    If you fulfill the following statuses, you are eligible to apply as a foreign student (International Student).

    1. The applicant has a foreign nationality and do not have ROC (Taiwan) nationality. 
    2. The applicant has dual nationalities and one of it is ROC (Taiwan), but he/she has never registered for household in Taiwan. At the same time,he/she has been constantly staying in overseas for consecutive 6 years (8 years to medical, dental, and Chinese medicine applicants) immediately prior to this application.
    3. The applicant had the ROC (Taiwan) nationality but it has been more than eight years since the date on which his/her ROC (Taiwan) nationality was revoked by approval of the Ministry of the Interior. The lapse time is counted up till August 1 in the year he/she is seeking admission. At the same time, he/she has been constantly staying in overseas for 6 years (8 years to medical, dental, and Chinese medicine applicants).“Constantly staying” indicates that the applicant has not stayed in Taiwan for over 120 days each year.
    4. The applicant has never registered to the universities/colleges in Taiwan as an overseas Chinese student.
    5. The applicant has not been expelled by a university or college or with drop-out records due to failure in conduct grades, academic grades, or being indicted guilty by the criminal law in ROC (Taiwan).
    6. The applicant has never obtained a high school degree as a foreign student in ROC (Taiwan). However, this restriction does not apply to foreign students who graduate from a school for foreign residents located in  ROC (Taiwan), or from a bilingual division (program) affiliated with a senior high school in ROC (Taiwan).

    Therefore, if you have any questions about the other status, Overseas Chineses Student, please direc all the questions to Overseas Compatriot Educational Committee 僑民教育委員會網站 (http://www.edu.tw/oversea/) or University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student 海外聯招會網站 (http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/)。

  • Can foreign nationals who have degrees from Mainland China apply to NCKU as international students?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    1. Those who have high school diplomas from Mainland China: Those who are qualified as 'international students' According to article two of the "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan", which is also NCKU's regulation about eligibility as 'international students' (see Eligibility section), and hold high school diplomas from Mainland China, can apply to authenticate their high school diplomas from the MOE office in the area where the university is (for NCKU, it is the central office of MOE), according to the "Regulations Regarding Authentication of Mainland Chinese Diplomas". They can apply to NCKU as international students after this is done.
    2. Those who hold college diploma, university degrees or graduate degrees from Mainland China: Currently, there is no regulations about authentication of these diplomas or degrees from Mainland China, and they cannot be considered. 

Admission Assessment

  • How can I let NCKU admission staff know about a special talent?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Any special talented students are suggested to take early actions by sending additional documents prior the admission deadline and the admission decision. Depends on your talents, we will have the related faculties or departments review your document submission and advise the admission staff regarding your abilities.

  • What could possible affect my chance of admission at NCKU? (Field of study?)

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    There are actually some factors that may affect a student's chance of admission at NCKU:

    False information about the application

    Falsified documents

    Failure to provide the required documents

    Failure to confirm your admission acceptance by the deadline

    N.B: One field of study does not affect the chance of admission at NCKU.

Online Application

  • Is there any guideline offered of autobiography and study plan?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    The autobiography is just similar as CV or personal statement. As for study plan, You can briefly describe of your educational background and future research and motivations in your study plan. And the short-/ mid-/ long- term goals if you study in the department you intent to apply of NCKU.  Or we suggest that you can search on internet there are lots of samples of study plan and English autobiography. Hence, one A4 page for each item is ok.

Language Proficiency Certificate

  • What are the requirements for the TOEFL/ IELTS to be waived?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    In order to have your English proficiency tests (TOEFL/IELTS) waived, one should prior to attend NCKU be from a English speaking countries such as: USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and so on and also have studied in English.

  • ETS code number of OIA?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Applicant TOEFL score recipients, please fill in this code 2450 (National Cheng Kung University- Office of International Affairs. ), then the ETS will directly send your transcripts to us.

Document Authentication

  • Can I use my unauthenticated transcripts to apply to NCKU?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Yes. One can use their unauthenticated transcripts to apply at NCKU admission but if admitted to NCKU, the verified and authenticated transcripts by R.O.C should be e-mail / mail to the admission office prior the first semester enrollment.

Scholarships and Financial Support

  • Is financial aid available at NCKU?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    Yes. NCKU distinguished international student scholarship and international cooperation and development fund are being offered to international students intend to attend NCKU. All applicants for admission are being considered regardless their backgrounds, colors, races, religions and financial circumstances. Any eligible students are encouraged to apply in interested. Please refer to our website for more information.

  • How to apply NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship?

    Posted at 2012-07-18

    It is not necessary to fill up other application form

    Applicants just finish the online application, then the application of NCKU Scholarship’s procedurewill be completed.

    The University International Student Admissions Committee will review the application to evaluate the scholarship opportunity for the first academic year. Applicants do not need to submit any additional application for this scholarship, and the award information will be mailed individually along with the admission package.

Final Results

  • What does that mean "waiting list"?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    NCKU, every year, receives tremendous admission application which exceeds the maximum number. After admission decision some applicants may change their minds and decide not to accept the NCKU offer, for this purpose, we select a number of applicants to stay in standby in case of remaining spaces.

  • I am not satisfied with the admission decision, may I appeal the decision?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    The NCKU admission staffs evaluate all candidates under the same principles, since most of our applicants are highly qualified; it is always a hard decision to make. With fairness and equality, the admission board must select the high accomplished applicants. The admission cannot reconsider, offer individual explanations and explain why one is refused.


  • What should I do if I forget my NCKU admission login information?

    Posted at 2016-06-21

    During your registration to NCKU admission panel, you are required to provide an e-mail address and a password. If you forget your password, you can click on **forgot my password** and follow the instructions to regain or reset your password. If you still can’t login, please contact the NCKU admission staff for help.

  • What is the requirement of graduation?

    Posted at 2011-03-09

    For undergraduate and postgraduate courses, you can see the departmental regulations, however, if the department/institute has announced different requirements, you should refer to the department/institute's information as the correct one. Postgraduate students have to both complete the required credits and also complete the dissertation before they can graduate.

Technical Supports

  • Technical Support

    Posted at 2012-07-19

    1.  Uploaded file name should not contain special characters.  (i.e. space, symbols, etc.) 
    2.  Please make sure the display of PDF file which is not upside down.
    3.  Please do not set a protected password of the uploaded file.
    4.  One applicant only could use one email account to apply,and the maximum department is two .
    5.  Please do not use  others’email to apply.