Dept. of Mathematics

Departmental Requirements

1. Applicants should have sufficient listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability in Chinese. They are required to provide Chinese proficiency certificate (TOCFL Chinese language certificate), Chinese hand-written autobiography and certificate of Chinese language classes for at least a year. Most of the courses are offered in Chinese and the course materials are mostly in English.
2. Applicants have to provide at least one of the following English proficiency test scores which were taken within the preceding two years, or provide the transcripts of English courses taken before.
A. TOEFL: Minimum TOEFL score of paper TOEFE 550 (internet‐based TOEFL at least 69 or computer‐ based TOEFL 220 and above)
B. TOEIC: Minimum TOEIC score 750 and above
C. GEPT: (General English Proficiency Test) in High‐Intermediate –first round and above
D. GMAT score at top 70%.
E. GRE score at top 70%
F. IELTS 5.5, and every section rank no less than 5.0
3. Applicants from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and United States of America or have studied and earned degree in these countries can provide the document and waive the English proficiency test scores.