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Graduation Requirements

Regulation for course work
1. Students of the MA program in Biomedical Engineering Institute are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits including 4 credits of seminars for graduation. The credits of thesis are not included. The courses include:

(1). Required courses : At least 3 credits each in BioDesign I, BioDesign II, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering(or Introduction to Medical Engineering), and Physiology(or Engineering Physiology, Orthopedic Anatomy and Physiology for Biomedical Engineers ). If students in this group have taken those courses, the required courses can be waived.

(2).Core technique courses : At least 6 credits in Management in technique innovation and investment, Innovative Medical Device Patent and Regulatory Strategy Management, Regulatory Strategy Management, Regulation in Medical Devices, Management of Intellectual Properties of Medical Devices, Medical Terminology, Biostatistics and
Clinical Lab in Medical Devices, Computer in Medicine and Biomaterials.

(3) Any elective courses from BME Institute

2. Students who take course from other institutes need fill “Courses Recognition Application Form” and approved by thesis advisor in order to account for graduation credits.

3. Graduate students who already complete the graduation required credits except seminar courses and plan to graduate earlier, could take other courses to replace the seminar course; only that the course should be approved by faculty meeting in advance.

Thesis examination:
Students need complete all the required credits before apply thesis examination.

Credit Requirements

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