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Graduation Requirements

Graduate students (both regular and in-service students) are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits (including six credits for master’s thesis) for graduation from the master’s program, with course enrollment for each semester set at a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 15 credits.

Course-credit requirements are as follows:
(1) Required courses with four credits
1. Seminar in Psychology (I)
2. Seminar in Psychology (II)
3. Seminar in Psychology (III)
4. Seminar in Psychology (IV)

(2) Each student shall complete a minimum of 12 credits on elective courses (excluding the course of Independent Study) from the curriculum designated for the master’s program by the Department. Students of Category A are required to complete the course of Experimental Design, while those of Category B are required to complete a minimum of any two of the seven courses, namely, Research Method in Behavior Science, Structural Equation Modeling, Psychological Testing, Psychology of Personality, Chinese Organizational Behavior, Seminar on Developmental Psychology, and Advanced Research in Developmental Sciences, as designated by their adviser or Department chair.
(3) Students may apply for course waiver of a maximum of six credits, which shall be approved by course instructors or the Department chair.
(4) Students who graduated from an academic program with no relation to psychology shall complete the undergraduate courses of the Department, namely, Statistics in Psychology and Education (I), Statistics in Psychology and Education (II), Methods of Psychological and Experiment (I) and Methods of Psychological and Experiment (II). Those who intend to waive any of these courses shall submit a completed application form to the Department office according to relevant regulations.
(5) Students are required to submit their graduation thesis proposal for review.

Credit Requirements

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