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Graduation Requirements

Before being allowed to submit the doctoral dissertation and apply for Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination, PhD students must first satisfy the following conditions: 1. having obtained PhD candidacy; 2. having presented proof of foreign language proficiency (see Explanation 1); 3. having completed the required course credits. A PhD degree may only be conferred once a candidate has passed the Dissertation Oral Examination.Explanation 1: Proof of foreign language proficiency:
(1)TOEFL score of at least PBT 500, CBT 173 or IBT 61 ;
(2)At least Six months lived in residence in a foreign country and enrolled to an international university who is certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Education,or received an international degree;
(3)GEPT High Intermediate Level;
(4)TOEIC score of 600;
(5)Test DAF level 2(German)or JLPT level 2(Japanese)

International students shall select an advisor prior to admission to the master's program or within two weeks from the start of classes and select courses to suit their individual needs with the help of their advisor. However, if students cannot select their advisor before the deadline, they shall be restricted by the domestic student guideline for PhD program. PhD students must complete at least 18 related course credits in a PhD program at the school or other institution, in addition to 12 doctoral dissertation credits. Up to 8 credits in seminar courses at the school or other institutions and up to 6 credits in elective courses taken at other institutions may be included.
PhD thesis requirements: 1. At least 2 papers published on the directly related authoritative journals with peer review system.2. At least 1 paper presented in person in the directly related international academic conference.

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